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Vaccination Information

COVID-19 has ravaged our world for over a year. Our opportunity to end the pandemic has finally come. The COVID vaccine is a safe and effective way to put an end to this deadly disease. Science and health experts around the world responded swiftly to a public health crisis by utilizing existing technology to create a brand new vaccine that effectively and safely protects people from COVID-19. 

The COVID-19 vaccine is a 2-part vaccine given over the course of about 1 month. You may experience temporary symptoms such as headache, fever, sore arm, or chills. These brief and mild symptoms are an indication that your immune system is learning how to fight off future COVID infection. The vaccine does not contain any live virus so there is no chance you can get COVID from the vaccine. 

Millions of people around the world have received the COVID-19 vaccine with overwhelmingly positive results. If we want to get our lives back to normal, we must band together and achieve herd immunity. The COVID vaccine is the best way to protect the lives of others and end this pandemic quickly. 

District Nurse Kelly Pagan receiving COVID-19 vaccination