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Educational Technology

Participation in the global community demands that all educators and students be prepared to use technology well. Our Instructional Technology Team supports instruction and enhances learning by helping teachers and students to integrate technology into the core curriculum in order to provide quality education and challenge students to reach their highest potential. We strive to provide this through our integration of the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) platform, teacher professional development support, our team of on-site Instructional Technology Coaches, and our students’ access to meaningful technology and college and career readiness.

Enterprise Elementary Instructional Technology Coaches (ITC) are teachers who provide on-site, on-demand assistance to fellow teachers as they develop new forms of teaching and learning, incorporating the use of technologies. The ITC’s seek to improve student learning and achievement by demonstrating educational best practices for using technology. The ITC’s assist teachers with identifying appropriate and effective ways of integrating technology into the classroom, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Collaboration with teachers to develop lesson plans to select appropriate technology resources;
  • Modeling of appropriate integration strategies in classroom instruction;
  • Development of a rich library of curriculum-driven support materials and technology-enhanced resources for grade level and subject areas for teachers;
  • Designing and facilitating high-quality professional development;
  • Assisting with curriculum and content development;
  • Performing minor troubleshooting of computer lab equipment, hardware or software problems;
  • Serving on the school's technology committee.

Enterprise Elementary School District is committed to a student-centered, technology-integrated classroom where technology-supported curriculum and assessment will make learning relevant while focusing on both technology and content. Empowered students will be equipped with skills for successful school life, personal life, and their future work experiences.