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After School Program (ACE)

Enterprise Elementary School District's ACE Program is housed at six participating school sites: Alta Mesa Elementary School, Lassen View Elementary School, Mistletoe School, Rother Elementary School, Shasta Meadows Elementary School, and Parsons Junior High School.


Educational Technology

Enterprise Elementary Instructional Technology Coaches (ITC) are teachers who provide on-site, on-demand assistance to fellow teachers as they develop new forms of teaching and learning, incorporating the use of technologies. The ITC’s seek to improve student learning and achievement by demonstrating educational best practices for using technology.

English Language Learners (ELL)

The Enterprise Elementary School District’s Plan for English Learners is a result of collaboration and commitment with and to all members of the school community. The plan ensures not just compliance with regulations for our English Learners but also serves as a roadmap to provide equity and opportunity for all students. It is our responsibility to meet this need and prepare our students for college and career readiness.

Visual and Performing Arts

The Enterprise Elementary School District is proud to provide every student - starting in TK - with access to wonderful opportunities in Music and Art that are built into our standard academic curriculum.



Our mission is to provide quality, curriculum-based early educational services to children by taking advantage of the teachable moments that happen every day. Our goal is to foster the intellectual, creative, social, emotional, and physical growth of each child while respecting their individuality. Our priority is to provide a stable, safe, healthy, comfortable environment in which each child can learn.




Social/Emotional Learning

Enterprise Elementary School District’s school-based counseling program is designed to address the needs of students who have social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges that are affecting their academic performance. School counselors serve our students in a myriad of ways. Counselors provide short-term individual counseling, facilitate social groups, provide in-classroom behavioral supports, and are able to provide crisis intervention. They also collaborate with community partners to meet the needs of our students and families. We know that it is vital for the students on our campuses to feel safe, important, and have a sense of belonging, and we work diligently to nurture that culture throughout our district.