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Office of the Superintendent

Welcome! The Enterprise Elementary School District has a long tradition of being at the forefront of the latest educational research, technology, and innovation. Our Local Control and Accountability Plan outlines our goals to ensure every student will meet or exceed state standards. We are the largest elementary school district in Shasta County, with nine award-winning schools to choose from. We consider it a privilege and honor to serve you and your child, working together to provide a solid foundation for continued learning. Our facilities have all been modernized, and with the passage in 2008 of a $34 million bond, we continue to build and improve our infrastructure to enhance the learning opportunities for all students.

The District Mission. Our primary mission as a district is to educate the whole child - emotionally, physically, and academically. Our teachers and staff members are all highly qualified and dedicated professionals. We have many outstanding, award-winning programs that have been designed and implemented to ensure your child's success. From music and fine arts, to sports, science, mathematics, and honors and advanced classes, we are committed to providing you the very best education possible. Your child will flourish in the Enterprise Elementary School District!

Our Core Values. We believe that every student can and will learn. Our schools have won numerous awards for outstanding academic achievement and EESD has some of the highest test scores in Shasta County. Though test scores are only one of the many measures that we use to gauge our success and progress, our test scores clearly show that we are a Highly Effective School District.

Safe and Orderly Environment. Not only are we committed to every student learning, but also that every student is safe. From our Redding Police Department School Resource Officer to video cameras on campus, we take your child's safety seriously. We will continue to offer a wide range of services for our families. From counseling and preschool opportunities at every site to our after school programs, we are here for you and your child.

Make an Appointment Now. Please come by and visit our campuses. Feel free to call me and any of our district or school administrators. We will give you a personal tour of our schools and outline for you an individual academic plan for your child. We have waiting lists for many of our schools, so you will need to enroll early in order to secure a spot. Thank you and welcome to the Enterprise Elementary School District.


Brian N. Winstead, Ed.D.

Assistant Tonya Cook