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Our Focus On Improvement

The Enterprise Elementary School District continues to be one of the highest performing districts in all of Shasta County and is comprised of Title I High Achieving and California Distinguished Schools, as well as one school, Mistletoe School, which was recently recognized for its outstanding achievements by being added to the list of Schools to Watch. We are very proud of all that we have accomplished over the last few years, but we always focus on improvement, ever challenging ourselves to do better and better, with the goal of ensuring greater successes for our students. We seek to meet each child's unique needs so that they are well-equipped for their futures.

As our society transitions from generation to generation, even from year to year, we find that each child comes to school with his or her own set of challenges.Not all children come to school carefree, well fed, happy, healthy, having caring parents/guardians who help with homework completion and make sure the child is socially, emotionally, and physically ready to tackle the academic setting each day.

It is our mission to neutralize the challenges some of our students bring to school. This means that regardless of the situation, our pursuit of excellence remains intact as we reach out to each one with help and hope, enlisting a variety of teaching strategies to teach each one how they best learn.