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Staff Testing

The Enterprise Elementary School District is the first school district in Shasta County to initiate broad scale COVID-19  staff testing.  This has enabled EESD to take the next steps in ensuring the safest environment possible for students and staff.  The in-house testing, which is conducted by district health personnel, generally obtains results within 48-72 hours.  Testing on each school site is done regularly.  The test that is administered is a PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction test.  This is considered the "gold standard" of testing.  This test amplifies the DNA in a sample continuously until the sample taken is determined to be positive or negative for COVID-19. By conducting regular testing, we can identify positive cases, trace contacts, and begin isolation or quarantine more quickly.  As a result, we can help stop the spread of the virus at a school site and keep our schools open. 

For more information on the PCR and other tests click HERE