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Health Services

The Enterprise Elementary School District employs certificated school nurses, school psychologists, and school counselors who work directly with families, teachers, staff members, and community service providers to address students' health needs at school.

School nurses create individual health plans for students who have a health condition that impacts them at school or requires accommodations, precautions, or procedures. The nurses act as consultants to office staff, teachers, and principals regarding health needs of students, providing health assessments for students evaluated for special education services. They coordinate mandated hearing and vision screenings and follow-up with students who need further support. They review medication needs for all students and supervise the administration of those medications. Nurses provide training to staff in health care procedures, medication administration, CPR, and First Aid.

School Nurses: Kelly Pagan and Kayla Colburn

School Psychologists: Kristin Williams, Brittany Stonebarger, Shastyn Ried, Teresa Albion, and Gwen Lopez

School Counselors: Marina Mix, Jenifer Wilson, Abigail Vickery, Valerie Stroud, Audrey Cutler, Christina Toff, Jessica Gleason, and Deanne Snow

Annie Payne

Annie Payne

Director of Health and Special Education Services


Contact Health and Special Education Services at 530-224-4100 or email