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Our Focus on Wellness

As we focus on educating the whole child, the District is always mindful of student wellness, and it is our goal to promote and foster a mindset towards good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. The Enterprise Elementary School District Governing Board has adopted a policy with regard to student wellness and to that end, our food services team, school nurses, physical education department, teachers, and administration work together to provide healthy options for our students and staff.

We have built and continue to maintain strong partnerships with Shasta County Public Health, Healthy Shasta STARS Collaborative, the YMCA, the McConnell Foundation, and other community wellness-based organizations.

Several of our schools enjoy a fruit orchard on campus, and most of our schools have a school garden. There, students learn planting, growing, and harvesting cycles, and the lunchrooms happily prepare the food that was grown on the campus. Garden Club participants help to facilitate the ongoing nurturing of the plants.

Our District works diligently to use the outstanding fruits and vegetables grown locally. The produce is purchased locally and served to students and staff in the lunchrooms throughout the District. Across the county, other schools and districts have followed our lead and availed themselves of the opportunity to purchase locally-grown, fresh produce.

Our schools offer a fresh salad bar in the cafeteria. Students enjoy the opportunity to prepare their salad just the way they like it, and students find this to be a popular feature in our cafeterias.

Knowing that it is not just what goes into a body that makes the difference, we also focus on student activity, providing opportunities throughout the day for students to enjoy outdoor activities. To that end, we have installed walking trails/fitness paths at each school as well as refillable water bottle stations in close proximity to student activity areas.