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Welcome to EESD's Preschool Program! Our mission is to provide quality early education services to children and support services to their families. Our program is designed to provide your child with a secure, fun, educational environment that respects your child's individual needs.

We provide a nurturing, supportive, and safe atmosphere that serves as a bridge between home and school experiences. Our goal is to establish a partnership that will provide a supportive and responsive environment that respects family diversity and fosters self-esteem and personal growth for children, parents, and staff.

Our Preschool Program provides hands-on, developmentally-appropriate curriculum based on current early childhood education, research, and practice, where children can learn through play, grow at their own pace, and feel that school is a good place to be each day.

If you have questions about enrollment criteria or our programs in general, please contact our preschool department at 224-4178.