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Redding Collegiate Academy

We are excited to offer our Redding Collegiate Academy as an educational alternative for parents and students. Redding Collegiate Academy (RCA) offers a positive alternate educational format utilizing the District's adopted core curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of each student. It allows flexibility in scheduling and an opportunity to participate in activities with children enrolled in EESD schools. RCA is a state-funded Independent Study Program which accommodates parents who choose to educate their children at home. Parents assume responsibility for their students' academic development and success. There is no cost to participate in this program. Certificated teachers assist parents and students and monitor academic progress.

I am Chuck Seligman, principal of the Redding Collegiate Academy, and I would be delighted to discuss our program with you. Contact me by phone at 530-224-4240.

Redding Collegiate Academy offers:

• a friendly, supportive family atmosphere

• an outstanding selection of curriculum at all grade levels

• a tailored curriculum prepared with parent input

• experienced and credentialed teachers

• monthly activities including arts, crafts, science labs, and field trips

• on-site library, instructional materials, computers, and reference materials

• tutoring, standardized testing, and interventions

• Accelerated Reader, Skills TutorTM , and DORA programs

• Friendly, family atmosphere

• Siblings are welcome at appointments and activities

• Parents invited to collaborate with principal

Students who may benefit from Redding Collegiate Academy as an educational alternative include:

• active-style learners who need freedom to move while learning

• those with academic deficits but can demonstrate potential to meet grade level standards

• those who travel

• students who work better with a variety of learning methodologies in order to stay challenged

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Redding Collegiate Academy, contact or call 530-224-4240.