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District Programs

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Our exciting new REDDING COLLEGIATE ACADEMY is open to any student. Students who are enrolled in REDDING COLLEGIATE ACADEMY enjoy an alternative educational experience with support from our outstanding staff.

EESD understands that children and families are unique, so we have tailored our programs to fit the various areas of need. Our integrated Gifted and Talented Education (GATE program) provides exploratory learning opportunities, augmenting the prescriptive learning experience for each student.

Our After School Community Education (ACE) program is designed to provide students with fun activities, clubs, and homework help after school hours until 6:00 p.m. each day. The ACE coordinators communicate regularly with parents and teachers regarding the academic progress of students. Students can choose to participate in cooking clubs, field trips, music instruction, math club, line dancing, crafts, Girls on the Run, and other activities.

EESD Preschools provide a wonderful foundation for your child's education. Using common assessments, children are integrated into the life of the schools. They attend assemblies, special programs, and enjoy stories read to them by the site principal. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate them into our kindergarten programs. We have instituted Ready for Kindergarten, a parent education component which provides free materials and toys to parents in order to foster kindergarten readiness skills at home.

Our English Language Learners receive focused attention to improve language skills and comprehension. K-8 English learning students enjoy ELD classes which accelerate their abilities in English language at a rapid pace. Nationally renowned EL program developer, Kevin Clark, is coordinating our redesigned program of teaching English as a second language.

Visual and Performing Arts are offered to expand students' horizons. Studies have shown that students involved in fine arts are more likely to score significantly higher on standardized tests, have better developed cognitive function and critical thinking skills, and increased student motivation. Band is offered as early as the 4th and 5th grades, with expanded programs in instrumental and vocal music as well as visual arts in upper grades.