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Transportation Services



Transportation Request


Transportation Distance

One of the services our school district provides is bus transportation for our students. Our Governing Board policy allows for transporting students to and from school based on the following criteria:

Students in grades Distance from school
K-3 more than .75 mile
4-5 more than 1 mile
6-8 more than 1.5 miles

Due to our concern for the safety of your child, we do not publish our bus route information. Please contact your child's school for more information about transportation routes.


Roy Brown

Director of Transportation



Bus Rules

While the primary responsibility of the driver is to operate the bus in a safe manner, each student must assume responsibility for his/her conduct while on the bus. For safety reasons, misbehavior is not tolerated, so please review the following list of bus safety rules with your child. While most students are courteous and thoughtful bus riders, parents are liable for all misbehavior of their children on the bus and at the neighborhood bus stop. Students at the bus stop or on the bus are subject to the discipline policies of the school for their behavior. 

1. Pupils must be seated and may not change seats while riding the bus.
2. Fighting, pushing, throwing objects, or other unruly conduct will not be allowed.
3. All parts of the body are to be kept inside the bus.
4. Pets, glass, insects (dead or alive), and other dangerous objects cannot be transported on the bus.
5. No eating on the bus is allowed during daily runs between home and school. Bottled water (from a plastic bottle) may be consumed while riding the bus.
6. No loud or distracting radios or other electronic devices will be allowed on the bus.
7. All student projects, crafts, and other personal property ("show and tell" objects, toys, etc.) shall be safely transported, secured in backpacks, and shall not be played with during transportation.
8. Students who do not normally ride the bus will not be permitted to ride, even with parent/guardian request, unless there is sufficient seating capacity for the regular riders.
9. Students will not be allowed to get off the bus at a stop other than their own without a written request from his/her parent/guardian.
10. Kindergarten students will not be released by the driver without a parent/guardian/designated individual at the bus stop to receive the child. The driver will continue on the current route, without modification in order to ensure timely delivery of the remainder of the students on the bus to his/her designated stop. The kindergarten student will then be returned to the school site and released to the school office staff.