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Maintenance and Operations

The Enterprise Elementary School District’s Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Department is comprised of a team of skilled workers who, together, keep the schools in the district running at peak performance. Working closely with the M&O Manager, Ron Cushman, the team sets high standards for maintaining each facility. Each school is managed, cared for, and well-groomed - paying particular attention to details that set the EESD schools apart. “It’s all about the kids,” he says.

Because of the level of skills within the M&O Department staff, new projects as well as unique maintenance situations are completed in-house in order to make good use of our funding. Careful planning and selection of professionals precede every project.

The addition of new surfacing to our playgrounds ensures a safer playtime environment. The new gymnasiums, walking trails, and cross-country track provide venues for our students (and our community members) to increase physical activity, develop teamwork, and hone sportsmanship skills. In conjunction with our technology department, the M&O Team assists with the implementation of Interwrite technology in every classroom, broadening the spectrum of learning, building within each student the computer skills they will use throughout their lifetime, and providing a stream of current information within the reach of each student.

Our Maintenance and Operations team reaches beyond just cosmetic issues in order to ensure a safe, well-maintained learning environment at every site, for every child.

Ron Cushman

Director, Maintenance & Operations

Contact Maintenance & Operations at 530-224-4100 or email