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The Accounting Department at Enterprise Elementary School District is responsible for preparing and analyzing budgets, issuing purchase orders, processing payments to vendors, and reimbursing employees.

The provisions of Proposition 30, Article XIII, Section 36 create in the General Fund an Education Protection Account (EPA) to receive and disburse the revenues derived from incremental increases in taxes imposed by Article XIII, Section 36. Language in Proposition 30 requires that the Governing Board of the District shall make a spending determination with respect to monies received from the EPA in an open session of a public meeting of the Governing Board. Such determination was obtained at the June 14, 2023 Regular Meeting of the Governing Board. The District will expend EPA funds on teacher salaries and benefits.

Article XIII, Section 36, Subdivision (e), Paragraph (6) of the California Constitution requires all districts, counties and charter schools to report on their websites an accounting of how much money was received from the EPA and how that money was spent.  In the fiscal year 22/23, Enterprise Elementary School District received $2,725,802 in EPA funds.  RCA received $39,870.  100% of both amounts were spent on teachers' salaries and benefits.